Summer chess

How is your summer? Are you playing some interesting tournaments or just lazy around the beach. I remember some decades ago the beautiful Adriatic sea and many chess players sitting at the boardwalk and playing endless games. Those were the over-the-board days where people could actually feel the opponent.

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New OM CORR chess database

With 1,6 million games, it is the ICCF and generally correspondence games best chess database. Mainly used by the correspondence chess players, the OM CORR shows true power when helping the chess masters to analyze their openings or middle game.

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7,6 million OTB database

For some time we have been analyzing our duplicates. We knew we had few, you always found some, we didn't how many we had but we knew there are these suckers who always pop up and destroy our image of duplicate free chess database. Well, no longer is the case. We announce duplicate free OTB chess database.

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24 million human chess games

This is probably THE biggest even in history of Opening Master. Ever since we started our collection back in 2004 we had dreamt of largest human chess collection. Not just computer generated games. But quality collection where chess players could benefit from the statistics of open positions and games. Where chess players would download in one since piece the entire human chess of the world.

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Popularization of chess

First of all, is chess popular or not? Many people know it...? Many people play it...? If it's popular, maybe this article doesn't make sense... Or should it be more popular? If it is not popular, should we make it popular?

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Chess players vs. chess students

We all know chess is more than just a game; I usually refer to it, herein, as game/art. However, it is a game and, as any game, it is meant to be played. Or can it just be “contemplated”, like a painting? Its art side...

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Learning from our defeats

Almost one hundred years ago, Don Capablanca wrote: There have been times in my life when I came very near thinking that I could not lose even a single game. Then I would be beaten, and the lost game would bring me back from dreamland to earth. Nothing is so healthy as a thrashing at the proper time, and from few won games have I learned as much as I have from most of my defeat.

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Children playing chess?

How early should children start playing chess? How early should children start studying chess? How early should children start using chess databases? Everything at once? Little by little? Or it will depend on the answer to the first question? I believe chess playing parents might be interested in this discussion. Curious children may read it too. Ideally, parents and kids: discuss this topic together and we will wait for the next young geniuses!

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Chess Novelties Copyright

Copyright is kind of a forbidden word in the chess world. You can study and play some chess openings or defenses, to be successful with them and then you will see, especially in the elite, how other players will start copying your choice of repertoire and novelties.

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Why don't women play chess?

This Tuesday, October 6th, the 1st European Universities Chess Championship (EUCC) will start..

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