Summer sale 50% off from OM GOLEM until August 31st

Dear chess players, it's time of the year where people should be enjoying Piňa Colada on the beach, playing chess with the loved ones on the blanket next to the sea careless watching the sunset. And boom 50% off from the Opening Master GOLEM databases. 

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Viktoria's fundraising with July 2022 Opening Master update

Dear chess players, the summer is here. In full parade. And we are glad we could find you extra 100,000 games in order to be up-to-date and up-to-speed. With extra purchase you make today, you will send funds to bright individual student to fulfil her academic potential. Our team member and head of backoffice Viktoria Horvathova, got accepted to Kings College in London and asks you for help. 

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Download the biggest chess database. No copycats please

Dearest chess players. Have you ever asked yourself what is the biggest chess database? How do you measure it? Who says who is the biggest, largest? What are the criteria. We will examine couple scenarios and let you decide.

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New release of OM - 03/2022 with 9.3 millions OTB games

Dear chess partners, players. We are happy to announce our newest release of Opening Master Chess Databases as of March 2022. We have been working hard the past few months and collected, de-duplicated, indexed, and cleared the games for you.

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What we will learn from chess databases and 7 best things you can do with it

This article is the first in a series of articles on chess databases. The author makes no secret of the fact that databases are his hobby and will try to infect others with this passion. The author had an ELO around 2000 and the article is written from the point of view of a player of his strength.

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