The OM OTB with 9.6 million chess games is the biggest over-the-board played games collection one could come up with. It all began in 2004 when creators started to collect games and analyze them into a single chess database. The personal collection (books, sheets, notes) however goes back to 1990s. The origin of the name "OM OTB" dates back to October 2011 when OM XXL was split between OM OTB and OM CORR. The chess database was cleaned of all correspondence (we still do it - it is never ending task) and portal games and left only pure human over-the-board chess games. Some GM chess players consider this database as the strongest available. We update the chess database regularly and usually increase by 100K games per month. During this time we clean the shop, index the files, correct names, in other words, make it better than the versions before.

More than 9.6 million human chess games

The OM OTB comes with almost 9.6 million chess games. Precisely 9,640,502 human chess games ever played over the past century until May 2023. This is the biggest and most clean chess database found on the Internet. And the price remains the same as last year at 59 EUR. Within this price, you get monthly updates. Since the last period, we added more than 200K games.

 “It’s the biggest and strongest chess database out there” - GM Simon Williams, CEO GCHESS

How is Opening Master different from free databases?

Despite getting our games from different sources, we dedicate a lot of time to eliminate duplicates. We also normalize the names of the players, which amounts to dozens or even hundreds of corrections a month. The free databases are often very low-quality and cluttered with lots of duplicates. There is no such thing as free lunch. We ask for a fair price starting 39 EUR for one year. It is much cheaper than less quality commercial chess databases out there.

Have you heard that we prepared a list of the top 52 chess openings for you? They are completely free where and no credit card or sign-up is needed.

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Please be aware this is a subscription based digital content material with regular monthly updates. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to lean more. If you do not wish to continue with us just cancel the subscription within your PayPal settings or Credit Card provider. You may still keep the copy of the chess databases for infinite number of days but will not receive any future updates.


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The chess databases are important for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, chess databases allow players to study and analyze past games. By studying the strategies and tactics used by top players, aspiring chess players can improve their own skills and understanding of the game. In addition, chess databases can be used to identify patterns and trends in a player's style, which can be helpful in preparing for a match against that player.

Second, chess databases can be used as a training tool. Many chess databases come with built-in analysis and training features that allow players to test their skills and practice specific openings or endgames. This can be particularly useful for players who are looking to improve their tactics or endgame play.

Third, chess databases can be used to track progress and measure improvement. By storing and analyzing a player's games over time, a chess database can help a player identify areas of weakness and track their progress as they work to improve.

Finally, chess databases can be used for research and analysis. Chess enthusiasts and researchers can use chess databases to study the history of the game, analyze the trends and patterns that have emerged over time, and identify the factors that contribute to a player's success.

Overall, chess databases are an invaluable resource for players, trainers, and researchers alike. They provide a wealth of information and tools that can be used to improve one's understanding and skills in the game of chess.


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