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Fantastic news for all chess and art lovers! Openingmaster, has partnered with the extraordinary international visual visionary artist, Luka Brase from the Heart of Europe. Together, they have created three exquisite pieces of chessart known as the "Chess Story" triptych. This collaboration beautifully captures the essence of chess through The Story of King, The Story of Queen, and The Story of Family.

Visionary Luka Brase creates Chess Triptych

The Chess Story triptych is a contemporary chess art collection that merges the brilliance of chess with the artistic genius of Luka Brase. Each piece is magically crafted by a master himself, showcasing the intricate details and symbolic elements that make chess a truly captivating game. The fusion of art and chess in this triptych is a sight to behold, offering a unique perspective on the game's profound narrative.

Every stroke of the brush and every intricately placed detail showcases his artistic prowess, bringing the profound narrative of chess to life in an awe-inspiring manner. From the colors of chess to the symbolic elements woven into the artwork, this fusion of art and chess is an absolute delight for both chess enthusiasts and art collectors.

The Chess Story triptych invites us to explore the depths of chess beyond the game itself. It invites us to ponder the strategic battles, the intellectual challenges, and the profound human emotions that are intertwined within each move. Luka Brase's artistic interpretation adds a new layer of meaning and invites us to see chess as more than just a game but as an intricate dance of strategy, creativity, and human connection.

Whether you are an international master or amateur chess player or someone who appreciates art that tells a chess story, the Chess Story triptych is sure to kidnap your imagination and leave you in the endless possibilities that arise when two creative worlds collide. The Story of King, The Story of Queen, and The Story of Family is there for you

Luka1small Luka2small Luka3small

Download high resolution pictures, Luka's catalogue and video here

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Now, here's the best part: the sales from these stunning art pieces will go directly to the Charity Foundation, The The Gift of Chess. This foundation aims to support aspiring chess enthusiasts, particularly children from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack the means to purchase their first chess sets. By acquiring a Chess Story piece, you not only bring home a signed masterpiece but also contribute to a wonderful cause, empowering young chess players worldwide.

For any sales inquiries or to express your interest in owning one of these magnificent art pieces, we kindly ask you to send us a direct message. Please note that the price for each Chess Story piece is available upon request. Luka Brase's art is highly sought after, with his works typically selling for thousands of euros per piece, reflecting his exceptional talent and artistic value.

The Story of Chess by L.B.


Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own a signed masterpiece while making a meaningful difference in the lives of aspiring chess players. Join us in supporting The Gift of Chess and let the beauty of art and the power of chess unite!

If you need more details please contact us or repost. Thank you. More Lukas's work can be found on his official web site

 About Luka Brase

About Luka Brase

Luka Brase was born in 1983 in Czechoslovakia. He studied art at the Academy of Arts in Slovakia.

He has done 30 solo exhibitions in Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland,
Czech Republic, USA – New York, Washington DC, Philadephia, Los Angeles, China – Shanghai and Beijing.

18 group participations in the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, France among them important show in Künstlerhaus Wien, Affordable art fair Amsterdam, Accessible art fair Bratislava and Cite Internationale Des Arts in Paris.

His art is a part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Art – SUPEC Shanghai, China.

His works belong to private collections in many countries in the world. He is the founder of project Art on the way and represented by DE Galerie in Den Haag, Netherlands and Artgogo gallery in Shanghai, China.

Luka Brase works and lives across Europe.


Luka Brase on working with Opening Master: 

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I am also excited to announce my collaboration with Opening Master, to create the "Chess Story" triptych. As a visual artist, it has been a true pleasure to merge the world of chess with my artistic life.

The Chess Story triptych is a contemporary chess art collection that captures the essence of the game. Through "The Story of King," "The Story of Queen," and "The Story of Family," I tried to showcase the details and symbolic elements that make chess such a global game. The fusion of art and chess in this collection offers my unique perspective of the game.

I am glad we can help children in need and with the sales also helping The Gift of Chess, a charity foundation which takes care of distribution of chess sets to disadvantaged communities. By acquiring a Chess Story piece, you not only bring home a my signed masterpiece but also contribute to a wonderful cause, helping young chess players worldwide.

If anyone needs any further info, connect me via social media (I am more on Instagram as @luka_brase but will checkout this LinkedIn community more) or through my web. Cheers. Luka.

Luka Brase intro

Download high resolution pictures, Luka's catalogue and video here

Luka Brase katalog

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