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Opening Master sro
Záhradná 2A
90101 Malacky
Slovak Republic
European Union
Company ID: 48 045 471
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The exciting new Opening Master chess database features a unique chess games collection with more than 24 millions of top human chess games, making it the largest human chess database without duplicates. Experience the power and flexibility of Google No.1 "largest chess database"  to create the ultimate chess winning game. Become a member today and enjoy the biggest chess database package, all carefully selected with more than 10 years of research and development. Download OM OTB with 8,8 million games, OM CORR with 1,8 million games or OM PORTAL with 7,6 million games.

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Opening Master chess databases are copyrighted material. Please refer to our terms and conditions for using the collection. Do not distribute, make illegal copies or parts of the databases. We are not expensive.

Opening Master chess databases are only available as part of the Subscription plans.




Záhradná 2A
Malacky, 90101, Slovakia


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