HO HO HO...Christmas 2020. Discount 50%

HO HO HO, Santa is in the town and brings super trooper chess database deals to you. As every year we are giving out freebies and super discounts which you cannot get anywhere during the year. 50% is what we are talking about.

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The most effective way to learn chess openings

Most chess players hate to remember the numerous opening variants written in chess books and magazines, and yet, sadly, this is the most popular way to master openings for chess players. What is the most effective way to learn chess openings?

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History of Opening Master - the chess database company

The original name Opening Master was born in 2004 when the website was also registered. The founder and creator Alexander Horvath, SIM (1954 - 2013) was a big fan of collecting data since the origin of correspondence chess back in the 80s. I personally remember him writing down all the games in a big red notebook, studying the opponents from the older notes, and having thousands of books on different openings.

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Black Friday 50% discount on all chess databases

Once a year we go BIG. Once a year we offer biiiig sales. 50% discount on all products from the Opening Master shop. Don't miss your chance and save big. Now you can also share with your friend or family. Just give them this coupon code.

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Queen's Gambit review history with Netflix

As the story of a girl who ascends from finding the game in an orphanage house cellar to the top of the chess world, Netflix's new miniseries The Queen's Gambit can't generally fall flat. At the point when it depends on the book of a similar name by unbelievable short story essayist and writer Walter Tevis, upon whose work the movies The Hustler, The Man Who Fell to Earth, and The Color of Money were additionally based, the chances of progress appear to be much higher. But what about the history of Queen's Gambit? Are we all familiar with it?

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How playing chess helps with Alzheimer's Disease?

Almost everybody has a close relative or a friend that is distressed by mental dementia or Alzheimer's. Temporary treatment techniques combine drugs and behavioral approaches to deal with the effects and growth of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), but there is no complete cure. Perhaps chess can help.

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The biggest collection of chess games between 1800 - 1987

Dear chess lovers and game collectors, it's our pleasure to announce the biggest collection of human chess games between 1800 and 1987. You will not find a bigger collection of classical chess OTB players. If we missed some games, we challenge you to let us know.

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New release of OM - 11/2020 with 9 millions OTB games

Dear chess partners, players. We are happy to announce our newest release of Opening Master Chess Databases. We have been working hard the past few months and collected, de-duplicated, indexed, and cleared the games for you.

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56 openings you need to know how to play. Gold collection

Imagine your openings were as strong as top FIDE players. Imagine you know them by heart. How? Well, you need to study them first. But don't you worry, we got you covered. Now the opportunity for the first time (AND FREE) is to learn openings easily by downloading our 56 openings and opening each individually and start studying them. The openings have been carefully selected by our team of senior grandmasters who consider them as TOP TO KNOW.

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How to become a Grandmaster with daily practice

Close to turning into the best on the planet, Grandmaster is a definitive culmination for the serious chess player. Out of the enormous number of chess players worldwide, a little more than 1500 current chess players have arrived at the tallness of Grandmaster! You have to realize that even the world's greatest players worked hard for years to become who they are. It is not an overnight process. They have had a ton of persistence and have idealized their procedures throughout the long term. The primary way you can achieve to be greatest is through rehearsing and learning from your mistakes. 

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