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About Opening Master

OpeningMaster.com is a privately owned enterprise. The authors have been involved in chess for more than 30 years and are internationally recognized players. The creator of the project is Alexander Horvath, Senior International Master, ICCF (ELO 2497, 1. GM Norm) member of Slovak National Team (Gold Medal ICCF European Team Championship). Other main contributors to OM databases are Jan Helbich, SIM , Peter Pasko, SIM and Slávka Hulecová, GM.

Mission Statement

The Opening Master will NOT publish multiple data / same games presented twice. The Opening Master will NOT publish short games (less than 8 moves). The Opening Master will NOT publish computer games. The Opening Master will NOT publish games without body (as they don't bring any analysis value add). The Opening Master will publish best chess databases with highest quality from humans to humans. We use Opening Master Chess database because we believe in our product.


Pricing Plans

Visit our pricing plan and learn which OM chess database is best suitable for you. Whether you are OTB or CORR player we have solution for you. We measure and analyze our performance and so should you.


What We Do

  • We collect games +

    Data mining is the most important part of our job Read More
  • We analyze and de-duplicate +

    You wouldn't believe how many duplicates we find. Read More
  • We index and improve +

    House cleaning every month. To increase quality of the database. Read More
  • Publish monthly +

    We publish our chess databases on monthly basis so our players are up to date. Read More
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Meet the Team Development and Design


Alexander Horvath

Founder (1954-2013), SIM
alex horvath

Alex Horvath

Co-Founder, CEO

Jan Helbich

Director of Sales, SIM
slavka hulecova180

Slávka Hulecová

Senior Chess Data Analyst, GM

Federations we supported Our Current and Previous Cooperations

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