Opening Master is a powerful chess database designed and inspired by recent chess trends, blending needs from FIDE and ICCF players, with data analyzed and collected every month, to create an alluring experience for our chess players, while maintaining a professional and functional look

- Greetings from Our CEO, Alexander Horvath -

Management Team The People Who Manage Opening Master


Alexander Horvath, SIM

Alexander Horvath INDCHAM1

Alexander Horvath, Jr

Chief Executive Officer
Tomas Maros

Tomáš Maroš

Chief Operation Officer


Senior Management Team Our Great Chess Analysts

Tomas Hecht

Tomas Hecht

Chief Database Analyst
Paulo de Morais

Paulo de Morais

Chess News

Viktória Horváthová

Head of Back Office


Chess Database Gurus Our Great Chess Analysts

Eduardo Serrano Salvador

Eduardo Salvador

External Chess Support
RIchard Bergusson

Richard Bergusson

External Chess Support
Julia Karevova

Julia Karevova

External  Chess Support

Federations we supported Our Current and Previous Cooperations

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