Once upon a time in a small village called Chessville

Once upon a time, in a small village called Chessville, there lived a young boy named Peter who loved to play chess. Peter spent hours every day studying chess strategies and practicing his moves. He was determined to become the best chess player in the village.

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A Knight before the Christmas special from Opening Master with 50% discount

HO HO HO. We are going final days of the Year 2022. Marry Christmas from Opening Master team. As every year we have prepared something special. Let's go back to the times where no cloud downloads were possible. Who remembers sending DVDs to our chess friends? We got something special for you now. 

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Is Ruy Lopez the strongest chess opening? Find out from Opening Master

The Ruy Lopez is a chess opening that is named after the Spanish bishop Ruy López de Segura, who wrote one of the first books on chess in the 16th century. It is a popular opening that is often seen at all levels of chess, from casual games to grandmaster tournaments.

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What is chess opening or purpose of chess databases?

A chess database is a collection of games and other information related to the game of chess. It allows players to access information about past games, including the moves that were played and the outcomes of those games.

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CYBER MONDAY 50% discount is valid until November 30. Hurry up

CYBER CYBER CYBER IS HERE. 50% discount on all products from the Opening Master shop. Don't miss your chance and save big. On top of you super saving you get a special USB KNIGHT KEY with latest Opening Master Chess Databases as a Christmas Gift. Valid until November 30, 2022

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Black Friday 50% discount on all chess databases

Once a year we go BIG. It's happening again. November Black Friday is here. 50% discount on all products from the Opening Master shop. Don't miss your chance and save big. Now you can also share with your friend or family. Just give them this coupon code. Valid until November 30, 2022

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Back to school and the emergence of the next generation of chess players

Dear students, children, youngsters. You are going back. Back to school. The summer holidays are over and most of you are returning back to school tomorrow. (some schools in US are already opened 2 weeks). Some of you play chess, some just starting. We have prepared for you a great educational tool for you.

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