• Chess Novelties

    One of the very important and leading contributors to advance chess these days are chess novelties. The authors of Opening Master databases since very beginning of the creation thought about chess novelties and how to best approach them using the chess database system. The game is all about the “right” opening.

  • Chess Novelties Copyright

    Copyright is kind of a forbidden word in the chess world. You can study and play some chess openings or defenses, to be successful with them and then you will see, especially in the elite, how other players will start copying your choice of repertoire and novelties.

  • Chess players vs. chess students

    We all know chess is more than just a game; I usually refer to it, herein, as game/art. However, it is a game and, as any game, it is meant to be played. Or can it just be “contemplated”, like a painting? Its art side...

  • Children playing chess?

    How early should children start playing chess? How early should children start studying chess? How early should children start using chess databases? Everything at once? Little by little? Or it will depend on the answer to the first question? I believe chess playing parents might be interested in this discussion. Curious children may read it too. Ideally, parents and kids: discuss this topic together and we will wait for the next young geniuses!

  • Do we need chess databases?

    It may seem obvious that chess players do need chess databases but did you stop for a second to wonder why? And, namely, for education purposes, is it so important? Well, let's try to answer. Education may be defined as the process of learning. And how can we learn? An old teacher told me, recently, that education is, simply, to pose questions! And the teacher role is to lead the student to these questions, to give him that uncomfortable feeling one experience until the answer is found! And an answer, obviously, will lead to more questions...
  • Elementary schools chess

    September 2015 is here, the summer is over, children and students return to their schools to learn something new. Believe it or not some elementary schools have chess classes part of their syllabus. Only three hours per week but the children who sign up for this class will be somehow different to their class mates who don't.

  • Evolution or cheating?

    In our information society, everything changes so fast; could chess be an exception? An article on chess and time will be herein presented but now the changes in correspondence chess will be the matter of discussion. Until, let's say, twenty years ago, most correspondence chess was dependent on the postal system.

  • Far away are those days

    Far away are those days when playing a chess tournament meant arriving to the playing hall and just to discover (of course, on a handwritten pairing sheet) who was your opponent for that round five minutes before the start. Some pioneers dared to call to the referee the previous night, took some opening book and checked some opening which according to some friend was usually played by his next opponent.

  • History of Opening Master

    The original name Opening Master was born in 2004 when the web site was also registered. The founder and creator Alexander Horvath, SIM (1954 - 2013) was a big fan of collecting data since the origin of correspondence chess back in the 80s. I personally remember him writing down all the games in a big red note book, studying the opponents from the older notes and having thousands of books on different openings.

  • Lack of respect by GMs?

    One of my favorite chess tournaments, if not the most, is the World Chess Cup. You have there plenty of interesting games, all kind of Grand Masters, classical, rapid and blitz games… what more can we ask for? But have you seen the hot drama between Kramnik and Bruzon? That was something.

  • Learning from our defeats

    Almost one hundred years ago, Don Capablanca wrote: There have been times in my life when I came very near thinking that I could not lose even a single game. Then I would be beaten, and the lost game would bring me back from dreamland to earth. Nothing is so healthy as a thrashing at the proper time, and from few won games have I learned as much as I have from most of my defeat.

  • OM CORR 06 2015

    Opening Master is proud to publish new release of its OM Correspondence chess database with 1,573,419 games. This month we focused on quality increase.


    Opening Master is back. Stronger than ever, faster than ever. More service and more products. After summer period where we had little or no updates we were reconsidering our strategy...

  • OM Power 2015

    Welcome to the most powerful (and free) chess database - OM POWER 2015. It is offered as freebie from us. All chess friends can download it for free and test it.

  • Popularization of chess

    First of all, is chess popular or not? Many people know it...? Many people play it...? If it's popular, maybe this article doesn't make sense... Or should it be more popular? If it is not popular, should we make it popular?

  • Summer chess

    How is your summer? Are you playing some interesting tournaments or just lazy around the beach. I remember some decades ago the beautiful Adriatic sea and many chess players sitting at the boardwalk and playing endless games. Those were the over-the-board days where people could actually feel the opponent.

  • Summer Lovin

    July and August are two months of the year when Earth (or western part of it) slows down. The heat wave comes to us and hit us to the face. The outside temperature is increasing to the levels where it is no longer possible chill out. Aircondition inside and swimming outside are two possibilities. Or moving to the polar circle.

  • The history of Chess Databases

    The history of chess as such goes to medieval times and we can write several books about it. The oldest chess board was found in Uzbekistan and goes back to 7th century but when you try to look for information about the history of chess databases you suddenly have no articles to read. So why don't we have a look where does it come from?

  • Time, changes, chess: faster!?

    "The times they are a-changin'" - Bob Dylan. Yes, Uncle Bob was right in the 1960s, is right now and will be right for ever and ever. In fact, the times are changing every day, every hour, every second. Conversely, chess has been quite stable throughout the times. Probably, it's due to its double art/game character.

  • Top 10 actions to improve your chess today

    Everyday play tactics. The most important action you can take to get better your game is start playing tactics. You don’t need to spend the whole hour on it. Spend 15-20 minutes a day is totally enough. What are the top 10 actions we recommend to improve your chess?

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