These days, everything is computerized, and we are living in an information technology world where everything you need to find is on Google. Although this world has made everything easy for us, it has also made us lazy. This laziness has allowed us to close our minds to many logical and smart games such as chess and use only computers to decide for us. Is it worth it?

Chess is one of the oldest board games in the world, and it is one of the few games that can be applied to all aspects of our life. It can even be said that if you're smart at this game, then you have a chance at a beautiful life experience – from concentration, imagination, decision making, analysis, planning, multiple views, abstract thinking or thinking forward, all of these happen when you, human, play chess. Everything in life is a game of chess; what to eat, what to say, what cards to play, and so on is all related to this game. Provided it is not played by engines or heavy usage of chess database.

The chess games as we know it are losing their touch because it is now easy to play the game on your smartphone or computer with little to no idea of what the game is about. This can be good if you use it to learn more about the game as you play, but the truth is that it keeps the reasoning to a minimal because now you have the computer engine and chess databases figuring out every possible move for you.

At Opening Master which is the biggest chess database in the world, our users are advised to use their brain instead of using the computer-generated moves while playing. Those moves are there to guide you and help you improve after you have tried playing the game yourself. They are also there to help you figure out different outcomes of different moves and not to stop you from playing the game by yourself.

Download our free chess database OM 2500+ which is composed out of all Grand Masters, it should be a good start to guide you on your way becoming a master at the game of chess because that is what it is made for. Or choose the most powerful database from the beginning to guide you on your way to success.

This short article is published for newcomers in chess databases. Please contact us if you have some further questions.

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