The majority of chess players have a basic understanding of how to play the opening. They have difficulty grasping the middle-game plans since they are not as easy as the opening ideas of developing pieces, putting the king to safety, and so on.

 After reading this few tips, you will have a better understanding of the most crucial middle-game principles.

1. Arrange your attacking material in a central location.

The fact that the centerpieces control a lot more squares than the rest of the game is well recognized. When working with knights, this is a very crucial rule to remember. When centered, the knights can control up to 8 squares, but only 2 squares if cornered.

Bishops can be particularly effective when attacking from the flank. They are more mobile in the center, however, and control both sides of the board. The queen is in the same boat. Bishops and queens, as well as knights, should be centralized if it is safe.

White's pieces have been centered.

Fischer, Robert James - Sholomson, Steven 1-0
USA Juniors
1.Nf3 g6 2.e4 Bg7 3.d4 d6 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.Bc4 O-O 6.O-O

Central location OpeningMaster

2. Yes, you can exchange your flank pawns for center pawns.

Central pawns are often thought to be more valuable than flank pawns. This is due to the fact that central pawns allow you to control critical central squares (d4-d5-e4-e5) that can be utilized to support pieces and launch a strong offensive not just in the center but also on the king's or queen's side. Central pawns provide room and boost piece mobility at the same time.

As a result, it is not a good idea to trade your central pawns for the flank pawns of your opponent. In fact, you should swap your flank pawns for your opponent's center pawns.
With e-d-c pawns, White should play fxe3 to construct a powerful pawn core.

flankpawns OpeningMaster

White to move.


It is necessary to have a strong positional understanding in order to play successfully in the middle games. We recommend that you replay as many middle games as possible. Start by downloading the good chess database for you.

Voted 10 best middle games of all times.

Alexander Alekhine vs Fred Dewhurst Yates

London, England 12 Jun 1922


Mikhail Botvinnik vs Milan Vidmar

Nottingham, England 25 Jun 1936


Reuben Fine vs Mikhail Botvinnik

AVRO, The Netherlands 6 Nov 1938


Louis Charles Mahe De La Bourdonnais vs Alexander McDonnell

London, UK 1834


Emanuel Lasker vs Mikhail Botvinnik

Nottingham, England 20 Jun 1936


Emanuel Lasker vs Siegbert Tarrasch

St. Petersburg, Russia 14 May 1914


Aron Nimzowitsch vs Siegbert Tarrasch

St. Petersburg, Russia 28 Apr 1914


Akiba Rubinstein vs Georg Salwe

Lodz, Poland, 1908


Siegbert Tarrasch vs Allies

Naples, Italy, 1914


Wolfgang Unzicker vs Robert James Fischer

Varna Olympiad Final, Bulgaria,  Oct 1962


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3. Stay away from pawn flaws.

A pawn weakness can offer your opponent an immediate advantage and make the game easy for him. That is something that can convert a game that is otherwise even into a loss. You must take care of the pawn structure from the beginning to the middle game to avoid endgame problems.

Avoid pawns that are duplicated, backward, or solitary.

Both white and black have major pawn deficits in the scenario below. White has isolated pieces, while black has doubled and backward pawns.

duplicated pawns

White to move.

4. Make sure your position doesn't have any weak squares.

A square that cannot be protected by a pawn is known as a weak square. Your weak squares are ideal prospects for creating powerful outposts for your opponent's pieces. The weak square is frequently more troublesome the closer it is to your king's position or the center. Always be cautious when advancing pawns, as this is what causes the weak squares. Pawns are unable to return to their original position.

White has a weak f3 square directly next to his king's position in the diagram below. The black knight and queen will be able to exploit it soon to create mating threats.

weakposition openingmaster

Black to move

5. Always use a knight to block your opponent's isolated pawn.

Because it supports pieces and gives extra space, an isolated pawn is a formidable weapon that your opponent can employ to launch a forceful attack. Another risk of isolated pawns is that they can be pushed forward at the wrong time, resulting in a slew of issues. To avoid problems, it's critical to blockade the opponent's isolated pawn at all times.

The knight is, without a doubt, the best material for this purpose.

use your knight openingmaster

Black to move

6. With your rooks, occupy open files.

It's no secret that rooks prefer to operate with open files.

If an open file becomes available, your first instinct should be to occupy it with your rook. Double your rooks on the open file as your following action. You can occupy a semi-open file that you can force open later if there are no open files available.

White has a significant positional advantage in the position below because he controls the open file, which is the most important part of the position.

rooks openingmaster

White to move

7. Keep the bishop duo together.

In most circumstances, the bishop pair is extremely powerful. The two knights may be stronger than a bishop pair only if the position is completely locked up. In the opening or early middle game, don't give away one of your bishops solely to create doubled pawns in your opponent's pawn structure. In most circumstances, the bishop pair's attacking power outweighs the pawn structure flaws.

Due to the ownership of the bishop pair, white has a significant positional advantage in the position below.

bishops openingmaster

White to move

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