Most chess players hate to remember the numerous opening variants written in chess books and magazines, and yet, sadly, this is the most popular way to master openings for chess players. What is the most effective way to learn chess openings?

The most effective way to learn chess openings

Simple answer: Chess Database

First of all, you can quickly play a few little tricks in your memory, and you can change everything up. If you are playing, say, the Sicilian's sharp Dragon variant, you can lose the game immediately as a result. But there is always a risk, even though you have a great memory and can replicate every variety you've ever heard about. You are on your own after you have played the last 'script' move. What is the use of the book's appraisal of "White is better" if you have no idea what to do next?

Study step by step

There are ways and tricks to learn the opening within an hour; however, you'll have to do some job to know possible variations. You're going to need to get many games played by a compelling chess player who's a variation specialist to study them step by step. Think, you want to practice Sicilian for Black Najdorf, then get Kasparov, the greatest specialist to play the games. Are you looking for Petroff to play? Vladimir Kramnik is your man! After analyzing a dozen games played by an expert, you learn the fundamental concepts and get the impression of opening up as well.

I am sure you have mastered opening already but after you have completed the study let's say 20 or 200 openings can you become Grand Master? Unfortunately no. It is not that simple. Openings will help you as you go on until the 10-15th move. The fun starts however after. For this, you need to study tactics, solve puzzles, play variations, and most of all practice. But if you fail the opening, your middle game will fail too. So study the middle game, they say. But how?

Grandmaster Step by step

What can you do with the chess database? 

You can use the database to do the following things:

1. Study games played by chess masters last 300 years.

2. Study openings, middle games, and endgames.

3. Create high quality opening books for use by chess engines such as free Stockfish. (the strongest chess engine)

4. Search for games played in chess history. It's fun to watch Grand Masters and play their games but also fun to watch rising stars at a young age.

5. Olay chess against the database (i.e. to learn opening variations)

6. Create opening books for specific openings or variations and use a chess engine to play that specific opening.

7. Solve puzzles and much much more!

Grandmaster puzzle

Almost 9 million human chess games

The OM OTB comes with almost 9 million chess games. Precisely 8,955,647 human chess games ever played over the past century until November 2020. This is the largest and most clean chess database found on the Internet. And the price remains the same as last year for 59 EUR. Within this price, you get approx 3-4 updates per year. Since the last period, we added more than 200K games. Hurry up and read our article on how to save 50% during the holiday XMAS season.

How is Opening Master different from free databases?

Despite getting our games from different sources, we dedicate a lot of time to eliminate duplicates. We also normalize the names of the players, which amounts to dozens or even hundreds of corrections a month. The free databases are often very low-quality and cluttered with lots of duplicates. There is no such thing as free lunch. We ask for a fair price starting 39 EUR for one year. It is much cheaper than less quality commercial chess databases out there. Try it now. Until December 24, 2020, we offer a 50% discount on all our products just by typing the #XMAS2020 coupon at the checkout.

Have you heard that we prepared a list of the top 52 chess openings for you? They are completely free where and no credit card or sign-up is needed.

Oh.. here is the download link. We almost forgot.

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