HO HO HO, Santa is in the town and brings super trooper chess database deals to you. As every year we are giving out freebies and super discounts which you cannot get anywhere during the year. 50% is what we are talking about.

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is here so why don't we share some nice gifts.

The latest chess databases under Opening Master brand issued this month follow:

OM CORR   1,924,689 human games normal price 39 EUR / year = NOW ONLY 19,- EUR

OM OTB   8,808,728 human games normal price 59 EUR / year = NOW ONLY 39,- EUR

OM GOLEM = 29,603,791 human chess games normal price 99 EUR / year = NOW ONLY 49,- EUR

How to order it? Simply use the coupon code XMAS2020 during the checkout and the system automatically deducts 50%. But hurry up, the offer is only valid until December 24, 2020. If you are in the middle of the cycle, you can also use it and we will prolong your existing subscription by the remaining months.

Do you want to give a special gift to your loved husband or wife for XMAS? The unique gift for chess players. Just sign up and we will take care of the rest. We will send you customized coupon.


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