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Once upon a time, in a small village called Chessville, there lived a young boy named Peter who loved to play chess. Peter spent hours every day studying chess strategies and practicing his moves. He was determined to become the best chess player in the village.


One day, Peter received an invitation to participate in the annual Chessville Championship. This was a big opportunity for him, as the winner of the tournament would be crowned the best chess player in the village and receive a trophy.

Peter was nervous but excited as he arrived at the tournament. He saw that there were many other kids his age competing, as well as some adults. As the tournament began, Peter focused on each game, studying his opponent's moves and making calculated decisions.

As the day went on, Peter found himself in the semifinals. This meant that he only had to win one more game to make it to the finals and have a chance at the trophy. His opponent was a seasoned chess player, but Peter was determined to give it his all.

The game was intense, with both players making smart moves and trying to outmaneuver each other. In the end, Peter emerged victorious, making it to the finals.


The final match was against an adult who had won the tournament multiple times before. Peter was intimidated, but he reminded himself that he had come this far and he was not going to give up now.

The final game was even more intense than the semifinals, with both players making bold moves and trying to outsmart each other. In the end, Peter made a brilliant move that caught his opponent off guard, winning the game and the tournament.

As the trophy was presented to Peter, the crowd erupted in applause. Peter was overwhelmed with emotion as he held the trophy in his hands. He had worked hard for this moment and it had all paid off.

As he left the tournament, Peter was greeted by a crowd of fans who congratulated him on his victory. He was proud of himself for achieving his goal and knew that he would always cherish this moment.

From that day on, Peter became known as the best chess player in Chessville. He continued to hone his skills and even traveled to other villages to compete in tournaments. But no matter where he went, he always remembered the day he won the Chessville Championship and the feeling of triumph that came with it.

Now the scary part

The whole story is original. No plagiarism was involved. The story is unique and was written within 5 seconds after giving the instruction to ChatGPT3 Artificial intelligence language module. "Write me 400 words kids story about chess", said the instructions given to the engine. In 5-10 seconds you have a new story. A unique story. 

What is GPT-3?

You may have heard about OPEN AI ruling the Internet these days. GPT-3 is a 175 billion parameter AI language model that has been trained on a large amount of data. And when we talk large, we mean almost the whole library. ChatGPT is essentially a variant of OpenAI's popular GPT-3.5 language-generation software that's been designed to carry conversations with people. 

Even the picture was painted by the AI. Based on the description we have provided. An impressionist painting of the village with blue sky and chessboard. 

2-3 seconds and viola. You have a beautiful painting. 


Chess engine

A chess engine is a computer program that is designed to play chess. It uses a set of rules to determine the best possible moves in a given position and can be used to analyze and play games against human opponents or other chess engines.

Chess engines are often used by chess players to analyze their own games, find mistakes, and improve their play. They can also be used to play against humans, either over the internet or on a computer, and can provide a formidable challenge for even the strongest chess players.

There are many different chess engines available, with varying levels of strength and complexity. Some chess engines are designed to be used by beginners and are relatively simple, while others are geared towards more advanced players and are capable of playing at a very high level.

Overall, a chess engine can be a useful tool for anyone interested in chess, whether they are a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve their skills.

But did you know you can program your own chess engine without a knowledge of programming language? With OPENAI and small API it is possible.

Just type "write me a code..."

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