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Ding Liren wins World Chess Championship Match 2023! After 14 classical games of the match finished in a tie with the score of 7-7, the 2023 World Chess Championship advanced to the tiebreaks. Ding Liren won the thrilling 4-game rapid mini match with a victory in the last game to become the 17th World Chess Champion! Congratulations! -- International Chess Federation

Early childhood

Ding Liren, born in 1992 in Wenzhou, China, had a natural talent for chess from an early age. His father, who was also a chess player, recognized his potential and began to train him extensively. Ding spent countless hours studying chess books and analyzing games, and his hard work paid off when he won his first local tournament at just six years old.

Chinese Chess Championship 2009

As Ding's skill grew, he started to compete in national and international tournaments. Despite facing tough competition from experienced players, he continued to impress with his tactical prowess and strategic thinking. In 2009, Ding won the Chinese Chess Championship, becoming the youngest player ever to do so.

Liren Ding

Ding continued to climb the rankings, and in 2015, he won the prestigious Tata Steel Chess Tournament in the Netherlands, defeating several world-class players along the way. In 2020, he reached a career-high ranking of world number three, cementing his place as one of the top players in the world.

But Ding's ultimate goal was to become the world chess champion. He had come close before, reaching the semifinals of the World Chess Championship in 2018 before being eliminated by the eventual champion. However, in 2023, Ding finally achieved his dream.

World Chess Championship 2023 - Face off

Ding faced off against Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia in the World Chess Championship match. The two players were evenly matched, and after 14 games, the score was tied at 7-7.

nepo despair sb

The tiebreaks were nerve-wracking, with Ding and Nepomniachtchi each winning a game before entering the fourth and final game. With everything on the line, Ding played with incredible focus and determination, outmanoeuvring Nepomniachtchi at every turn. In the end, Ding emerged victorious, winning the game and the match, becoming the first Chinese player to win the World Chess Championship.

The news of Ding's victory spread quickly throughout China, with fans and fellow players alike hailing him as a national hero. Ding's story had captured the hearts and minds of people across the country, inspiring a new generation of young chess players to follow in his footsteps.

Liren Ding2

As for Ding himself, he remained humble in victory, dedicating his win to his family, his fans, and his country. He knew that his journey was far from over, and that he would continue to work hard and strive for excellence in the game he loved. But for now, he could bask in the glory of his hard-earned victory, and the knowledge that he had made history as China's first World Chess Champion.

Comments from both masters

Ding Liren: "I'm quite relieved. The moment Ian resined the game was a very emotional moment. I couldn't control my feelings. I know myself, I will cry and burst into tears. It was a tough tournament for me. I would like to thank my friends."

Ian Nepomniachtchi: "Today I should have used my advantage in the second game more carefully. There was a great position. And the fourth game was very difficult; Black had the initiative. But it happens. We both had little time. I could not imagine that this position could be lost, but as it turned out, it can."

Social Media and Reporters

After 7-7 in the classical, Ding Liren drew the first three games in the rapid playoff and won the fourth rapid game to become the new world champion.

Congratulations to Ding Liren and his team!

All hail Ding the new King, also Magnus who?

The worst part of this match is that people will get the idea that you can become a World Champion by playing the London.

"The match reflects the best of my soul." Ding Liren, our new World Champion

Congratulations to Ding! A great sympathetic person, one can only wish the best for. On a personal and chess level I feel a lot of sympathy for Nepomniachtchi.
46...Rg6!? is played by Ding Liren just when Tania and Caruana were explaining why Ding would never play it!

Speaking about the butterfly effect. If Karjakin didn't post his pro-war tweets, he would play in the Candidates and Ding wouldn't. So we can say big thanks to Sergei Karjakin for doing his job and helping not to give the crown to Russia <3

Ding Liren almost didn't even play the Candidates. Ding Liren nearly failed to qualify to play for the title. Ding Liren trailed 3 times against Nepo in the match. Ding Liren... is the new World Chess Champion.

King is dead. Long live the KING DING

Liren Ding3

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