In case you want to study deeply an individual game or opening go to TOOLS - > OPENING REPORT.

This tool will enable you to see almost everything which you wanted to see about your opening. The game opening must have all moves in the correct sequence (no novelties) in order to display it correctly (i.e. when you play certain opening you move  in sequence). 
Example how you can use the opening report : You play a game with opponent and you are stuck in one moment and don't know what to play next. Perhaps there is an optimal route for you which had been played many times by grand masters. If you replay your game (and opponent moves too) step by step on new board (File -> New -> New Game) and then select TOOLS -> OPENING REPORT, ChessBase will take you to different environment. The environment of Opening Report.

See the statistics of all other games / moves which have been played until now and select the optimal way for your future move or game. And best of all LEARN out of it.

Opening report

Opening report2


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