Dear chess lovers and game collectors, it's our pleasure to announce the biggest collection of human chess games between 1800 and 1985. You will not find bigger collection of OTB players. If you we missed some game our tournament we challenge you to let us know.

The OM OTB Chess database 1800-1985 contains 688,529 games. It is based on a large number of sources (internet, chess magazines, books, opening master) and it contains a lot of new, still unpublished data on the Internet - e.g. from Di Felice's series of chess tournaments and many corrections errors that occur in other databases and are the result of many years of work.

Player names and tournament names are normalized, refined. The database is carefully free of duplicates and contains only around 8000 non-stroke games, which are there mainly to generate complete tournament tables. (For comparison, MegaBase 2020 contains about 564 thousand games from the mentioned period, of which 46 thousand are without moves. In our database, data from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the former Soviet Union, USA, Argentina, Spain, Canada are significantly more accurate and precisely focused on the quality.

Our plan in the future is to gradually add more years and supplement or refine existing data to be source of the largest historical precise collection of human chess games.

The OM 1800 - 1985 is already uploaded to OM OTB and OM GOLEM folders for our subscribers. For new chess games enthusiasts please download easily at our website:

man playing chess 1863 by Opening Master

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