Opening Master is back. Stronger than ever, faster than ever. More service and more products. After summer period where we had little or no updates we were reconsidering our strategy...

Here is what we found out:

The monthly updates will continue starting October 2013. After all, you got pretty much used to it, right? So we are going to keep it like it is.
We will introduce new products and services. Power books, non-ICCF corr games played worldwide, new mapping of existing tournaments, specialized smaller databases
Introducing new core team members - chess database analysts who will be monitoring different markets - Americas, Europe and Asia (sorry Russia and Aussies, no coverage there yet, but coming soon)
Clean up of main chess database - OM GOLEM and OM OTB

Communication and Community - Blogs, reports, coverages, social, different forum discussions

Sponsorship of national chess federations - yes we are going to give away a lot of free staff. Do you represent national chess federation, school or club and would like to get free Databases? Talk to us
Nationalization. Sometimes we feel like having a local website in French and German and Spanish might be useful. So this is coming too.
Let us know if we forgot something
Best regards,
You OM team

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