This month we are presenting our new addition - OM TOP CORR 2015.CTG. A library, which holds games of top correspondence players with ELO higher than 2300 for last 5 years. You know better the theory these days evolves fast and furious. If you want to be successful at correspondence game, you have to try to reach advantage already at the opening. Otherwise it is proven very difficult to win against a player who also uses strong computer chess programs.

What is better than looking at the openings played by world's best correspondence players. Look if they use your favorite variation or how they are successful with different openings. The library is with format CTG so you can view it with Chess Base program.

Some interesting facts about the tree:

White most frequent move is 1 e4 with success rate 55,5%. Right after that is 1 d4 with success rate 55%. One of the most frequent opening is variation of Najdorf Sicilian with move 6. H4 with success rate 57,3%. When playing black, a good path to keep up, is to play Berlin defense in Spanish game with white being successful only 52,7%. In closed games, the white gets biggest trauma from playing Slav Defense.

See all details in our new product.

om corr2015

You can also download our selected OM Openings for free and receive complete package of 52 greatest openings selected by OM in your subscription plan.

Best regards,

Jan Helbich, SIM

Chief Database Developer


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