Dear Chess players, we have come into conclusion that it would be the best to focus on three best selling and most downloaded chess databases. The OM CORR - used by all correspondence chess players, the OM OTB used by mostly FIDE players (but many ICCF players download it too) and OM GOLEM the world's largest human chess database for collectors.

The current version of OM CORR has 1,773,636 human chess games played on correspondence chess portals such as ICCF server. The Opening Master was a proud sponsor and partner of ICCF some years back and helped many correspondence chess players until now. Perhaps it's time to revisit some old partnerships, don't you think? The most downloaded Openingmaster chess database was surely the OM OTB (Over-the-board) with the nick name "the most powerful human chess database". The OM OTB with 8,403,896 million human chess games is the biggest over the board played games collection in the world. It all began in 2004 when creators (Alexander Horvath Senior, SIM, Jan Helbich, SIM) started to collect their games and analyze them into single chess database. The origin of name "OM OTB" dates back to October 2011 when OM XXL was split between OM OTB and OM CORR.

Last but not least, the OM GOLEM with unique 26,501,780 human chess games is the biggest human chess collection of games. All games are made by humans, we are still strictly against computer vs. computer (engine vs. engine) games as they are still predictable. (maybe human brain will be soon too). Until then, the collection contains the mentioned OM CORR + OM OTB + Games collected from various chess portals where human play by nicknames. You may find there all sorts of games. If your game is not there either you haven't played it (you dreamed about it) or nobody told us you played it. Otherwise it would have been included it there. 

The change

We are moving away from the memberships BASIC, STANDARD and ULTIMATE to something better and more comprehensible way as the chess players were telling us it's sometimes confusing what is where. 90% of correspondence chess players downloaded the OM ULTIMATE package even if they wanted just OM CORR and thus paid more. So we decided to separate the three chess database products once for all and create three easy categories which best describe what they are:




While OM OTB remains the same price with 59 EUR subscription for one year (it was previously found in OM ULTIMATE), the OM CORR was lowered to 39 EUR. If you decide not to prolong the subscription the next year for whatever reason, you will not be getting updated versions (we update quarterly) but of course you keep the chess database lifetime. The OM GOLEM since it's a gem for collectors and not everybody is interested about it, we increased the price to 99 EUR. For us, it will also be easier to track the interest and downloads.

What happens to previous or current subscribers?


We will keep the set up in the dual mode - parallel to the new setup. However the new subscribers will clearly tell us what they want and subscribe to it and will be placed to the one of the three new categories. If, for whatever reason, happens that old subscribers still wishes to keep both OM CORR and OM OTB he or she may for the length of their current membership. The new subscription will change to the new category.

We are doing the best to select the correct categories but sometimes things slip away and therefore please contact us immediately if we mess up something. We are still humans after all. Write us to administrator (@) and tell us your wish. We will investigate and correct immediately. 

Best regards

Opening Master founders


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