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summer is here (at least for those who live in 4 seasons region) and the heat is on. Turn your air condition to the max (otherwise your computers will be overheated) and prepare for the electric bills. To prepare you for the upcoming tournaments we have released OM OTB in May with 8,403,896 games (which is increase of 52K incredible new games) and now proud to publish new OM CORR with 1,773,636 games (increase of 17K correspondence games).

On top of this, we have finally made a long awaited update of OM PORTAL. These games are collection of best of Internet. We have used a new logic of only games with ELO > 2000 ELO will be published. This gave us also good base for statistics with 7,136,309 games.

What is new in the Chess World?

Is Carlsen losing his "thing" or is Wesley SO a new chess buzz?

Wesley So has beaten Magnus Carlsen for the first time at a classical time control to blow Altibox Norway Chess 2018 wide open going into the final rest day. Wesley commented that the win “for some reason took a long time to come”, but when it did it was a crushing victory that Peter Svidler analyses for us. The other games were all drawn, meaning that five players remain on 50%, with only Magnus and Wesley on a plus score.


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