Dear chess friends,

we are publishing the new OM OTB version with 8,196,295 games. As always carefully selected from various championships and tournaments. An increase of 150K games since the last release.

Today is October 7, 2017 and Opening Master is proud to release its new version of OM Chess database with 8,196,295 games in total without any duplicates. It is to be said that the OM OTB is the strongest and most widely used chess database although we can comment that OM CORR has its value too. Published in three formats CB, CA and PGN for all chess community.

Carlsen won the 2017 Isle of Man International with a short draw over GM Hikaru Nakamura in the final round. His post-game interviews took as long as the game itself, which ended in less time than it takes to fly to London. What is your game of the month?

Last but not least, as we are progressive and creative company which loves chess, chess databases and IT in general we are thinking of introducing payments in cryptocurrencies. Wouldn't it be cool to accept Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins or any other 950 cryptos? Yes we can. We consider crypto currencies and block chain not only as the hype or bubble but really the solution to many world issues. Soon we will introduce the payment system for accepting the cryptocurrencies.

Can anybody thinks of having Chess Board tournament on the blockchain? If you are a programmer or enthusiastic of block chain technology, let us know, we are preparing some cool project.

Best regards

Alexander Horvath

Opening Master

The Chess Database Company

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