Just a small update. We have completed semi-annual update of the OM Portal Chess Database with following updates - the files are so huge, that even Chessbase cannot work with them fully so we had to split it into two files. Hope it is ok. And the final number: 18 288 579 games.

  • We have upgraded the lowest ELO of the player and lifted it up to 1600 ELO. Statistically these games are already worth to consider.
  • From the original 15 million games we cleared 8 millions and left with 7 million we started to dig throughout the internet portals
  • We found new 10 million games
  • Altogether we reached the critical mass given the conditions to 18,288,579 games as of July 2017
  • The chess database was split into two files based on openings structure - OM Portal 201706 AB (A00-B99) and OM Portal 201706 CDE (C00-E99)

We would love to hear from you. Do you consider this database to be worthy when playing online chess games? Or do you prefer rather more powerful OM OTB or perhaps the biggest OM GOLEM.

Best regards

Opening Master Team




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