Dear Chess users,

just few lines from sunny California. We have been working on the latest release of OM CORR and added 17K new games totaling 1,693,700 human correspondence chess games. If you are preparing yourself for new Correspondence world championship, Olympics or just a local CORR tournament you might want to get the latest version.

I am now writing these few lines from Fresno, California. While being on the road I am thinking how to improve our services even better. What are you missing as a chess database user? Do you use all the chess databases from Opening Master or just a few. When you compare Opening Master to Chessbase or Chess Assistant do you get the necessary quality vs. price? These and other things are constantly bothering us so that we can improve our services. We understand we cannot fulfill all wishes, but if we work on 8 out 10 we are on the good track.

PS and don't forget to download the newest OM CORR version with 1,693,700 human correspondence chess games.

Best regards

Alexander Horvath



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