We are pleased to introduce new update from our chess analysts. The OM CORR has been updated and increased by 50,000 games for the last update period. Total number of human chess correspondence games represented until January 18 is 1 676 887.                                                                                                                

The month of January is extremely cold around Europe. Some places received more than -30 C which leaves you really at home doing stuff. We did too and collected some nice number of new correspondence games amounting to 50K. I had a chance to visit India during Jan 6 - Jan 15 and talked to different people from chess background. Indian chess is growing in popularity and as you can see from the TOP FIDE 100 players there are 7 Indian GMs already. The Chess in School programs is heavily supported by the Indian FIDE organization, which is only good to promote the chess to wider population. There will be ICCF Global Summit in Bangalore this year which also proves that Indian chess is growing in numbers.

Let's hope the weather gets better, the EU gets smarter, the Brexit will be smooth and US president, well no comment here. Good luck on your correspondence and over-the-board games, good luck with your chess league and tournaments and as always, provide us constructive feedback on the performance.

We announced couple months ago the transfer to new cloud vendor sync.com. Those of you who still use the sugarsync.com, please stop using it for chess downloads as of January, we will no longer support Sugarync in February.

Best regards,

Alexander Horvath

Founder OpeningMaster.com

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