Happy New year 2017. All the best to you and your chess games, lots of winning tournaments and of course good health (without that we don't have anything). We have prepared a nice package for you. OM OTB increased 100K games (yes 100,000 games)!

Over the month of December we were very busy and so were you. Because you played 100K games, at least most of it during the month of December (some we digged from previous period). So now, the OM OTB has almost 8 million human games. (7,951,798 to be precise). And this is of course still without any duplicates or empty body games or games with 8 moves or less (we don't consider them as games). And absolutely no computer games. Otherwise we could produce 50 mil games database but what's the worth? The human mind is still not fully explored and therefore we will be publishing only chess games made by humans. Period.

We have finished great campaign with ICCF which lasted until December 31. You could all get 50% discount with special promotion code. Did you like that campaign? Have you used the opportunity? Of course we will soon announce a new promotion. Stay tuned until then. We still believe 59 EUR for the unlimited plan is reasonable price if you consider the quality of the database and cleanliness compared to the competition.  But we all like the discounts. Our programs start at 28 EUR for OM BASIC. If you are still hesitating we offer you free testing of OM POWER 2500 (all GMs above ELO 2500). Download it from our web and try for free.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce one of our core team members, Slavka Hulecova, earned her GM title in ICCF. We are deeply stunned by her latest performance and hope she will continue the outstanding games also in the future proving the GM title. Let's celebrate together and all the best again in 2017. Let us know your achievements, your games, or preparation to some tournaments. And especially if Opening Master chess databases are helping your with your analysis.

Best regards,
Alexander Horvath and Jan Helbich

Founders of OpeningMaster.com

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