With 1,6 million games, it is the ICCF and generally correspondence games best chess database. Mainly used by the correspondence chess players, the OM CORR shows true power when helping the chess masters to analyze their openings or middle game.

Whether you are amateur, beginner or professional correspondence player you need FIVE things : 1) your own brain, 2) powerful multi-core computer with large build in memory, super fast SSD flash disks, 3) powerful engine such as Houdini 4) chess database program such as Chess Base or Chess Assistant and 5) powerful chess database such as OM CORR.

Part of OM CORR is specific OM TOP CORR 2015.CTG. A library, which holds games of top correspondence players with ELO higher than 2300 for last 5 years. You know better the theory these days evolves fast and furious. If you want to be successful at correspondence game, you have to try to reach advantage already at the opening. You may find this library also part of the package for download. If you are new to the correspondence chess we would like to invite you to largest correspondence chess association - ICCF.com. You can freely register yourself and start playing online. Using OM CORR chess database will have advantages to your opponents.

You can download the latest OM Correspondence chess database here. The new version was uploaded May 31, 2016 and holds 1,535,574 games with last game played 1/5/2016.


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