Dear chess partners, players. We are happy to announce our newest release of Opening Master Chess Databases. We have been working hard past few months and collected, de-duplicated, indexed and cleared the games for you.

The OM OTB comes with almost 9 million chess games. Precisely 8,808,728 human chess games ever played over the past century until March 2020. This is the largest and most clean chess database found on the Internet. And the price remains the same as last year for 59 EUR. Within this price, you get approx 3-4 updates per year. Since last period we added 140K games.

The OM CORR is for correspondence chess players who usually play on ICCF or similar Correspondance portals. The complete collection of almost 2 million games includes all tournaments, world series, and local games of ICCF players. The latest release includes 1,924,689 chess games.

As announced previously for enthusiastic collectors we published the best ever ultimate collection on the Internet between 1800 and 1985. We say, there is no other game that is not in this database. If yes, please contact us now. We are working in the years 1986 until 1990. The current collection includes 688,529 games

PS the CORONA COVID-19 is here. You know what to do. Stay at home and play chess. By playing chess you can save the world.

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