With millions of searchable chess games on the chess database, it is a no-brainer why you need to use a quality chess database when getting ready for that big chess game tournament or even a small event.

There are different types of chess databases all around the world. Most of them are accessible through the internet for free, and most of these databases can be used to achieve the same thing - be ineffective.  Because of how smart these databases are built, they can be used by players to consider and make the best moves possible with a difference to win or lose.

When you are analyzing your game, what you are doing is you are comparing your games with that of other players in the database based on different criteria. The better the database, the better you are prepared with analysis.

Some of the criteria used when analyzing a chess game with the most significant chess databases are:

Average Time: What is the average time of your moves with that of other players in the database? The average time per move is the time the engine has allocated to each step depending on if they are easy moves or complicated moves. There is also a time range that the database engine has predicted for the whole game and your game will be analyzed based on the overall time you finish the game.

Book Moves: Book moves are the opening moves, they are mostly what determines how a player fairs throughout the game and they are essential. Because of how vital these moves are, your book moves will be analyzed with that of other players, and it would be compared to how you fared in the whole game based on these first moves. Also, every additional step taken by you will also be analyzed.

When playing, you can decide what color of the chess you want the engine to analyze. It can be the white player or the black player depending on which one you are and which one you want feedback on.

Analyzing your game is essential because it gives feedback on how well you have done in a game or how poorly you did. This article is part of Newcomers series on chess databases.

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