Dear Chess Database lovers,
we have come a long way. Since 2004 we were building one of the strongest chess databases on our planet. We succeeded many times. We learned difficult ways and got stronger and better. As some of you know, our founder and main creator Alexander Horvath, ICCF SIM, passed away unexpectedly last year and left unfinished business. He had one unfinished GM tournament. Perhaps to get his final GM title. The dream he took with him. But he did fulfill one dream - The business how to create perfect chess database. For OTB players and CORR players. WE ARE NOW REBORN AGAIN.

We re-built the team again. We incorporated our best knowhow. We learned the way how the chess database works, we brought top people into the team and started to recreate the databases.
We are proud to announce the brand NEW OM CORR IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. It is already on the cloud ready to be picked up.
The number of games 1 494 571 is outstanding. It holds only completed human games, longer than 7 moves, ELO higher with 1300, no duplicates. Indexed and cleaned with incorrect names with update end of August 2014.

Best regards,
Alexander Horvath Jr on behalf of OM TEAM.